The committees of the 2012 conference will be:

Disarmament Committee

Creating international guidelines for the production and use of unmanned weapons.

Preventing terrorist attacks by establishing global guidelines for public places and events.

Environmental Committee

Finding ways for a sustainable production and consumption of meat and crops.

Promoting clean energy and environmental engineering as an alternative to harmful ways of generating energy such as but not limited to coal, gas and oil.

Human Rights Committee

Empowering women by providing conditions for active participation in work and political life.

Promoting the integration of socially and financially disadvantaged people in today's society by establishing global guidelines.

Political Committee

Installing measures to supervise activities of the global financial markets in order to prevent future financial crises.

Palestine's request on full membership in the United Nations Organization.

Security Council

Supporting LEDCs in the Arab region after the fall of dictatorships in democratic and political matters.

Providing assistance to Somalia security institutions and increase security to allow for humanitarian assistance.

Special Conference

Promoting social inclusion in the Baltic Sea region, especially in educational matters.

Setting common rules for fishing quota in the Baltic Sea to ensure ecological balance in the Baltic region.