Human Rights Committee

Empowering women by providing conditions for active participation in work and political life.

After researches were published showing that the species of women is not only rarely represented in high-paid branches, but also earns less money than their male colleagues for the same work, a heated discussion about the establishment of a “women's quota”, which would regulate the amount of women in certain branches, dominated the political debate in Germany. Supporters stress the
example of the successful Swedish government, where both genders are equally represented.
Women think different and solve problems elsewise, which has a positive influence on a companies profitability. However, due to historical and traditional background, women are not treated equally and often have less opportunities to develop – only because they are female.
Additionally, companies often have the superelevated fear of pregnant women, who will not work, but still want to get paid.
It will be the task of the Human Rights Committee to debate about this issue and discuss about the improvement of the conditions in order to empower women's participation in work and political life.

Promoting the integration of socially and financially disadvantaged people in today's society by establishing global guidelines.

There are at least three different ways of understanding the term of integration. For some, it is a wide goal, implying equal opportunities and rights for all human beings. In this case, becoming more integrated means improving life chances. To others, however, increasing integration awakes negative emotions, evoking the image of an unwanted imposition of uniformity. And, to still others, the term is a simple way of describing the existing patterns of human relations in any real society.
But no matter how someone understands the term, the ensuring of equal access to justice and legal needs has to be the basis of a global plan. Furthermore, one has to distinguish between socially and financially disadvantaged people from different parts of the world, because they do not experience the same standard of living and it is the government's responsibility to care for their people.
Dealing with this intensive topic will be the second task of the Human Rights Committee and requires a essential preparation.