Political Committee

Installing measures to supervise activities of the global financial markets in order to prevent future financial crises.

Our world was faced by financial crises before. Since the human race invented the money and the trade and used them for international trade, there were, caused by
disparities, wrong speculations and financial crises. Mostly known as "Panics". In the near past we had to face one of the biggest crises ever seen.

Since 2007 the financial crisis developed into a global phenomenon and caused many chaos in global economy, as it forced nations to change financial politics. Since the crisis ended in 2011, it seems like we already forgot what happened, because now, the growth of the market, again increases in a way, that is dangerous. And still the effects of the financial crisis are present, as we can see in Europe or Indonesia.

The measures, which were applied in response of this crisis, like the ones made by the ECB, got denied in many cases, after the crisis ended. The UNCTAD explained that the multilateral trade rules by the WTO do not fit to the modern economy. The OECD announced that, in their opinion it's most important to see what "generated" the crisis, if you want to find solutions.

Because of this, it was and it is important that developed and developing countries take action and find new ways to protect the people, the countries, the continents and even the world to prevent future crises.

Palestine's request on full membership in the United Nations Organization.

The Arabian World got extremely changed in the last year. And now one of the oldest conflicts, which goes on till today, seems to end. Maybe.

In September 2011, Palestine's president Mahmoud Abbas, requested full United Nations Membership. This request caused great agreement in the General Assembly, but on the other hand-site, the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin
Netanyahu announced that he disagrees with Abbas's opinion. He thinks, that it would weaken his small country. He said that Israel, as small as it is, would be unable to defend itself against enemies. He also mentioned the danger coming from militant Islam.

The problem is, that the risk of violent reactions by the people, in relationship to the decision of the United Nations, is pretty high. Furthermore it's not said, if Israel will stop the occupation of Palestine, even if it get's full membership.

The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) got already "observer" status at UNESCO since 1974. In 1989, Palestine tried to get admitted as a member state but till 2011 this topic was repeatedly deferred. The US, Israel and other
oppositional countries stopped funding the UNESCO, to protest against the vote, which passed.

A majority of UN member states supports Palestine but the opposition has big influence on the whole process. To discuss this topic in an realistic way it's very important to know you country's position.