Dear future delegates,

the next conference will be our first jubilee – the fifth conference. Our team does all tasks with an easy routine since we're becoming older, feel more responsible for this 'child' BALMUN. It is our pleasure to welcome you to this website and to invite you to the fifth Baltic Model United Nations Conference, which will take place from May 31 –  June 03, 2012.

This year's topic is: "Sustainability and Equity: A Better Future for All" – this topic is broadly defined, but it also shows the complex structure of our world. If you want to improve today's life and living standards for everybody, you will probably begin in your surroundings and try to change things. That is the right thing, do it! But it will not be enough, if just you do something. Everybody must contribute and, one of the most important things: the political world has to change, too.

You can start changing something, if you are going to participate in BALMUN 2012. This conference is special, because we are not as big as other conferences, e.g. BERMUN or even more international: THIMUN. If this is your first conference, you will enjoy it, because BALMUN has its own familiar atmosphere – you know nearly everybody of your committee and you will be invited to say something. Try to say anything, nobody will laugh about you. Take the first step and participate in our unique conference!

If you have any further questions, contact us and you will get a quick answer!

We hope to see you all in May 2012,

Claus Lucas Letsch & Franziska Weigt
Conference Managers 2012