The committees of the 2013 conference will be:

Disarmament Committee

Finding innovative solutions for the reduction of the transboundary exchange of arms and war technology. 

Finding ways to reduce the worldwide amount of weapons of mass destruction.

Environmental Committee

Encouraging measures against the deforestation of the tropical rainforest with special regard to damaged peatland areas.

Setting global guidelines for adequate prices, storage and a better distribution of food.

Human Rights Committee

Preventing migrant smuggling to reduce human trafficking.

Reviewing the integration of religious minorities as a means of cultural diversity.

Political Committee

Ensuring liberty through the unlimited flow of information and the freedom of speech.

Preventing a further increase of the worldwide crisis and its consequences for the economic relations between the member states.

Security Council

The Arab spring and the consequences for the global security architecture.

The conflict between Iran and Israel.

Special Conference

Providing measures against youth unemployment as a consequence of the global crisis.

Raising the awareness for the protection of children and adolescents and setting guidelines for the prohibition of child labour and child prostitution.