The committees of the 2014 conference:

Disarmament Committee

Finding ways to rekindle a spirit of common purpose in international nuclear non- proliferation and disarmament governance.

Reviewing guidelines already in existence concerning the use of and the trade with chemical weapons.

Environmental Committee

Encouraging governments to save marine areas with special view on the increasing problem of microplastic waste.

Fighting the discrepancy between LEDCs abundance of natural resources and their poor economic growth.

Human Rights Committee

Providing basic sanitation in developing countries and in areas of war as a prerequisite for the future development of the respective areas.

Securing basic human rights for refugees worldwide following the 1951 Refugee Convention and its 1967 Protcol.

Political Committee

Good governance as a fundamental requirement to achieve progress and democracy in the newly established governments in the Arab Spring region.

Fighting protectionism as a challenge for the development of LEDCs and for international co-operation and multilateralism with special regard to the World Trade Agreement from December 2013.

Security Council

Restricting the activities of secret agencies in collecting and exchanging data in order to prevent potential terrorism.

Assisting the peace negotiations in Israel and Palestine.

Special Conference

Promoting the importance of partnerships between governments and civil society to ensure decent work for today's youth by providing education, employment and empowerment for young people as key factors in achieving global progress and global citizenship.