The committees of the 2016 conference:

Disarmament Committee

Implementing guidelines on the restriction of military interventions through ground troops.

Compiling rules for the treatment of militias and their possible integration into a country's regular armed forces under special circumstances.

Environmental Committee

Eliminating deforestation and forest degradation in order to prevent species from extinction, especially with regard to areas in Asia, Africa and South America.

Ensuring access to potable water for all and fostering enhanced global water and sanitation management.

Human Rights Committee

Encouraging governments and civil society to create a synergy between the freedom of religion or belief and gender equality in order to enhance human rights.

Implementing relevant legal instruments on fighting contemporary forms of slavery.

Political Committee

Establishing international guidelines for border control mechanisms in order to improve the regulation of migration.

Minimizing the political influence of economic “global players” – meaning to reduce their power to manipulate the law-making procedure and to wield law enforcement – through an international legal framework.

Security Council

Reforming the structure of the UN Security Council in order to enhance its efficiency, legitimacy and representativity.

Creating a sustainable solution for the Ukraine, based on the Minsk Agreements, that respects Ukraine's territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence as well as international law.

Special Conference

Finding ways to equally distribute and fully integrate refugees, regardless of their ethnic, religious or gender background.

Guaranteeing adequate youth representation in political institutions and organizations, including the government.