The committees of the 2017 conference:

Disarmament Committee

Creating an international legal framework in order to prevent arms from being traded to high risk areas or unstable areas.

Implementing the Missile Technology Control Regime and its standards in a frame of ten years.

Environmental Committee

Developing a climate-risk-insurance that includes every member state in order to tackle all financial issues caused by natural catastrophes.

Creating sustainable solutions for minimizing risks and consequences of carbon emissions and restricting emissions trading.

Human Rights Committee

Developing a fair regulation of food distribution and ensuring nutrition standards in order to fight hunger globally.

Maintaining human rights while fighting transnational terrorism.

Political Committee

Establishing global justice by reforming the International Court of Justice.

Providing a legal framework of humane working conditions while pursuing economic progress.

Security Council

Preventing wars and conflicts in connection to natural resources.

Finding general solutions for handling conflicts and delicate situations with terrorists in regions such as but not limited to the Middle East.

Special Conference

Developing national, regional and international approaches and strategies for the prevention of juvenile delinquency.

Advancing girls' and young women’s political participation, leadership and economic empowerment.