The journey to justice: Jeopordizing human judgement

Justice is a thing every human being deeply cares and wishes for, yet some state this more clearly than others. Human kind has already come a long way from oppressive leaders and inhumane laws and created constitutions that can be seen as beneficial in most cases. But sometimes rights and laws cannot equal justice. Throughout history cases of legal positivism can be documented, which in retrospect seems impossible to a modern-day human mind.

This system required the complete separation of enacted law from natural law. For every citizen this meant overreliance on the government without considering the nature of an action nor itscc repercussions. In the case of Germany this attitude ended in 6 million deaths of innocent people. Nevertheless natural law cannot be executed on its own either. A balance between both counterparts had to be created. But even today with more or less humane constitutions, laws still may influence not only actions but also human judgement. With so many rules to stick to it is bound to find contradictions, which can confuse and even prevent a path taken. For instance the growing surveillance apparatus is a real threat to the right of privacy but it serves as a support system to secure a country and people’s  lives. In other parts of the world there are wars being fought, which leave people stripped bare of rights and their only hope is to be saved by other nations. These people become dependent on other people's actions. A crucial wage gap between developed countries and developing countries is another way to see the injustice of our planet. While Western countries enjoy only the best healthcare, have almost luxurious living conditions and are well educated, the Eastern countries struggle to maintain a decent infrastructure and any healthcare system, people live and work under inhumane conditions just to keep their families alive. All around the globe there are inequalities because of race, religious beliefs, gender or sexual orientation.

The problem is that the general public does not know of any action plans that are supposed to bring humanity closer to full justice and equality. There is little to no success mentioned around the world and even if there is, it is so rare that it is easy to forget. Media influences our perspective of our surroundings. Wars, deaths, killings, airplane crashes, ships sinking, disasters. These are stories that catch our attention. Why? Because the media knows how to manipulate our emotions and therefore uses tragic stories and misfortunes, leaving us with the belief there is only cruelty all around the world- making peace and justice a long forgotten dream.

Let us prove otherwise and show that it is possible to solve such problems and achieve peace and justice in our world.

Let us make the steps to justice visible for everyone through establishing possible and manageable paths to success.

So in May of 2017 it is our time to create ideas and solutions!

I am looking forward to seeing you from the 18th to the 21st of May 2017 in our beautiful Hanseatic city of Rostock.


Anastasia Vatkovich, Secretary General