The committees of the BALMUN 2018 conference:

Disarmament Committee

Building an ethical framework for the implementation of AI into the UN's armed conflicts prevention agenda.

Strengthening the rights of IAEA-executives in order to guarantee nuclear disarmament verification mechanisms.

Environmental Committee

Protecting aquatic ecosystems and minimizing long-term damages caused by over-fishing and marine pollution.

Promoting the introduction of eco-protective processing methods and technologies through the setting of international minimal standards.

Human Rights Committee

Ensuring net neutrality by regulating governmental interference to the access of information via the world wide web.

Granting a governmentally financed full-time education for everyone independent of origin, belief, religion, age, sexual orientation or gender preparing individuals for technologically advanced workplaces.

Political Committee

Creating a global structure of cybersecurity (to help ensure the security of the internet's critical infrastructure) whilst maintaining freedom of speech.

Establishing guidelines for granting the interests of ethnic and religious minorities.

Security Council

Handling the conflict between Iran and Saudi Arabia and its connection to the wars in the Middle East, such as, but not limited to Yemen.

Increasing the influence of UN-weapon inspectors in order to control illegal development of weapons of mass destruction.

Special Conference

Developing strategies and implementing measures to reduce the spread of radicalism and terrorism.

Dealing with the consequences of urbanization in regards to rural economies.