Knowledge and Kinship- the Keys to a Sustainable Development

Not so long ago Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, published his goal to start an extraterrestrial civilization on Mars beginning in 2030. Until mankind has found a way to live on another planet than earth, we must stay and ensure the livability of our blue planet. Therefore a main goal should be sustainability in social, economic and ecological concerns. Kinship takes a special position in social sustainability. So the relevance of the BALMUN XI conference topic is quite obvious.


We are living in 2018, but still acting as if we did not learn anything from our history. Still there are so much hate, resentment, grief and destruction poisoning human lives all around the globe and causing even more hate, resentment, grief and destruction. End this by showing your tolerance and interest in international collaboration. Keep this in mind whilst working on your resolutions.


Since this is the eleventh conference held in Rostock and my sixth one I can speak from experience that every Baltic Model United Nations conference I participated in was a great one and more than worth attending.


Our team is trying the very best to keep it that way and that's why I am looking forward to seeing all of you in May in Rostock enjoying the time and eating a lovely Brathering or Fischbrötchen – It is going to be a beautiful experience.




Jone Bartel

Secretary General BALMUN XI