Ava Knauf

Conference Manager

Dear Delegates, Chairs, Directors and distinguished guests,

My name is Ava and it is my honor to serve as this year's Head Conference Manager. I am a 17 year old senior at the Innerstädtisches Gymnasium Rostock.

BALMUN 2019 will be my 7th Baltic Model United Nations conference and sadly my last one, as well. In my spare time I play the flute and travel a lot with my not so little family of six. What I appreciate most about BALMUN is the team spirit that makes the whole conference possible and how everyone belongs to a big family that grows every year!

Also, I am glad to introduce you to Tom Spreemann and Helen Baltrusch, with whom I will be cooperating on the management of BALMUN 2019 and who are an important part of the conference, as well as a big support for me personally.

I wish all participants a fun and successful conference!
I am looking forward to meeting you in May!


Age: 17
School: Innerstädtisches Gymnasium Rostock
Place of residence: Rostock, Germany
Music all-time favorites: Amy Macdonald
Favorite food: Cinnamon Rolls, Hawaiian Pizza
Weird/cool fact about me: Everything