About Rostock

Rostock is not only known for its fabulous football team, the great "F.C. Hansa Rostock", and really tasty beer, but also for its warm and friendly people. North Germans are often said to be unemotional and reserved – Do not believe this! You have to get to know them!

As soon as you have found a "Rostocker" of your choice, you should ask him to take you out for a walk through our beautiful hometown! You might start at the marketplace "Neuer Markt" where you should not forget to look at the maritime fountain which has been the reason for many discussions because of its unusual design until know. Maybe you are lucky and you can experience an original "Rostocker" weekly market…

You should continue your walk towards the medieval gate "Kröpeliner Tor", one of the seven gates that Rostock was famous for in former times. Take your time, have an ice-cream (or even two), and if you like shopping, you will love the "Kröpeliner Straße"! The square "Universitätsplatz" is perfect to meet more of Rostock’s famous inhabitants, especially students of the university. In summer you can sit down on the green, green grass in front of the university building and watch the lots of small children that are having a shower at the fountain "Brunnen der Lebensfreude". (Yes, Rostock has lots of fountains… - By the way, what about having another ice-cream?)

Are you already tired? – If not, you should not miss to see all the other marvellous parts of our town! Continue your walk down the "Kröpeliner Straße", pass the "Kröpeliner Tor" and get to know one of Rostock’s most exciting parts, the "Kröpeliner-Tor-Vorstadt", our beloved "KTV"! Here you can find the multicultural heart of the city, this is the quarter of students, of small bars, cafés and restaurants and lovely little shops. On warm and sunny days there are chairs and tables on the pavement in front of nearly all cafés and it is really comfortable to sit down there and to have a nice time.

But it would be a real pity to go home without having seen the port. From the "Kröpeliner-Tor-Vorstadt", it takes only a few steps to get there. Water, sailboats, seagulls… - That is Rostock! Some crazy people like it to refresh their feet in the water even though it is prohibited to take a bath at the port… Maybe you would like to try it out?! You could also play a game of "Kubb" or "Boule" or just watch the sailors…

If you are lucky again, you will experience the sunset in the background of the port scenery… Tired? – No, of course not?! – Then do not hesitate and get to know Rostock’s nightlife! (No, "Rostockers" are not shy at all…)

Please, take also a look at the official website of the city of Rostock: www.rostock.de