What are MUNs?

Model United Nations are conferences for high school and university students which simulate the work of the United Nations Organization (UN).
The participants adopt the role of diplomats of a member counry or of an Non-Governmental-Organization (NGO). The participants ought to represent the corresponding interests of a country or an NGO authentically in different committees like the Security Council or the General Assembly (GA).

Current issues of world politics are being formally discussed in the English language. The participants are trying to find approaches to solve these issues. Then they debate and vote upon these resolutions.

Usually, young people from around the world participate in MUN-Conferences and have the chance of experiencing world politics very intensively.
There are MUNs in many countries, whereas each conference has its own main focuses and characteristics. Still, all conferences try to reassemble the “real” UN and emphasize on the English as the official language, appropriate expressions, serious behavior and a formal dress.

Beside learning about international politics one gets to know many young, interesting people at Model United Nations Conferences.

What is special about BALMUN?

The first international Baltic Model United Nations Conference took place from May 29 until June 1, 2008, at the “Innerstädtisches Gymnasium” in Rostock. The main topics focus on international themes which have an impact on the Baltic region. With about 200 participants BALMUN is a comparatively small and therefore a more personal conference.

Where does BALMUN take place?

The conference takes place in Germany, in the state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, in the Hanseatic City of Rostock at the “Innerstädtisches Gymnasium”. The recently renovated school offers an outstanding venue for BALMUN.

What does the conference cost and what happens with the money?

For delegates and members of the press team the fee is 30 €. The money will be used for providing you with conference materials, paper, badges and the catering (lunch, cookies and refreshments). Participants of our "Housing Program" have to pay an extra amount of 15 €. There is also the possibility to buy a ticket for the local public transport for an extra fee of about 12€.

Who may participate?

You are cordially invited to participate in BALMUN if you are between 14 and 20 years old, have a good knowledge of the English language and if you are generally interested in politics.

How may I participate?

Most participants are delegates, who are representing a country or a NGO. Each delegate attends a certain committee and works on a previously determined issue. In the General Assembly (GA) every delegate of a country is present.

If you have already gained experience in other MUNs and if you would like to try something different, you may also apply for the position of a Student Officer (Chair). The chairperson presides a committee. Furthermore he/she is responsible for the observing the rules, for regulating the time of debate and the votes.

Interested students, who would like to disclose and report about all the scandals of the conference, may apply for the press team.

Why should I participate?

On the one hand, you may learn many things at BALMUN that are important for your future life. You will polish up your English, improve your rhetorical skills, get to know other cultures, find compromises and learn how to think differently – like the country your are representing.

On the other hand, you will experience many fun things at BALMUN. For example, you will become acquainted with other young people from around the world who have similar interests. You will learn how it is to make decisions like “real” politicians without having to care whether those decisions might turn out bad. Additionally, you can attend the legendary BALMUN-Party on Saturday night!