Back 03.06.2018

Great BALMUN 2018 conference over

A great conference is over. Look at the photographs- would you recognize that roughly 5 hours ago about 250 people filled the aula and listened to the speakers of the closing ceremony? 
As our team and admins were very organized and quick we had finished the cleaning after about three hours.
We would like to thank the BALMUN team for their efforts and their energy. The conference management, the secretariat, the conference staff, the catering team, the press team, the tech team, the BALMUN TV team, the marketing team, the housing team, the host families and the entertainment team did their very best in order to make the conference better than all of those before. You were successful!
Thanks also to all the chairs from schools in Berlin and Switzerland who helped us with their expertise. 
Thanks to all delegates and teachers who participated. You all made this event possible!
Another thanks goes to the German Youth Delegates of the UN and all our great guest speakers.
Do not forget: 
There's nothing you can know that isn't known,
Nothing you can see that isn't shown,
There's nowhere you can be that isn't where you're meant to be, it's easy.
All you need is love!!!