In order to represent your assigned nation or organization properly it is necessary for you to have substantial background knowledge. Most importantly, you need to be informed about these main aspects of your assigned nation/organization:

  • political structure
  • culture
  • geography
  • history
  • resources
  • defence
  • economy
  • international relations

Furthermore, you should know your country's or organization's believes and challenges just as well as you have to know which alliances and treaties the country or organization has signed.

Only with well-grounded knowledge you will be able to discuss and vote appropriately and have a successful BALMUN experience. Remember that during the entire conference you do not put forward your personal opinion but the country's or organization's views.

For your basic research we suggest the following websites:

Please keep in mind that every delegation is required to hold an Opening Speech during the Opening Ceremony of the General Assembly. This speech must not be longer than 90 seconds. For further assignments and a sample speech please have a look in the Delegate's Handbook.

Prior to the conference delegates need to write a resolution concerning their committee’s topic and depending on your country’s point of view regarding this issue. Again, have a look into the Handbook to see how to structure your resolution and which phrases you can use. There is also a sample resolution available.