Zoë Perkul

President of the GA

Welcome to Balmun 2019!

This year I have the honor of serving as the President of the General Assembly.

I am currently in 11th grade at the Berlin Cosmopolitan School and have been a very active member of the MUN program since 9th grade. When I began the club I was terrified of public speaking and since then I have learned a lot, not just in terms of procedure or researching skills, but also how to speak confidently and how to work collaboratively with others. I very quickly became enamored with the activity as this is now my 11th conference. I've served as a student officer five times and this is my first time serving as a secretariat member.

When I am not participating in MUN conferences or meetings, I rock climb, both indoor and outdoor, listen to music, or do the mountains of homework I get as being an IB student.

I have attended the past two Balmun conferences and each has been more enjoyable than the last and I'm sure this trend will continue.

I look forward to meeting you all in May!


Age: 17
School: Berlin Cosmopolitan Scool
Place of residence: Berlin, Germany
Music all-time favorites: Queen, Frank Ocean
Favorite food: Vietnamese
Weird/cool fact about me: I am organized to a fault, if someone writes on my notes I will rewrite my notes