Welcome to the sixteenth annual

Baltic Model United Nations


Promoting Peace, Progress and Prosperity in a Polarized World


Model United Nations (MUN) is a simulation of the work of the United Nations Organization
managed and carried out by students from different schools and countries.

This year's conference will be held from May 23rd to May 26th.
We are currently planning on hosting an in-person conference. However, we are prepared to host a virtual or hybrid conference should the pandemic situation force us to (in that unfortunate case we would reduce conference fees appropriately).
The topic will be "Promoting Peace, Progress and Prosperity in a Polarized World."

You can find more information about BALMUN in general here and what this year's Conference will be about in our introduction.

If you want to register for this year's conference you can do so here.

Committees and Councils

GA1 – Disarmament & international security
  • Preventing the abuse of collected data as a weapon
  • Realizing the potential threat of ABC weapons
GA3 – Social, humanitarian & cultural
  • Ensuring the protection of human rights in regions of conflict
  • Promoting women's and minorities’ political inclusion
GA4 – Special political & decolonization
  • Discussing space pollution as a threat to future human space operations
  • Addressing the issue of Neocolonialism and its influence on LDCs and LEDCs
Security Council
  • Situation in the Middle East
  • >The Red Sea as a Trade Route
Economic and Social Council
  • Creating standards for the protection of satellite networks
  • Regulating the influence of AI on the economy and the labor market
Environment Assembly
  • Acknowledging the impact of oil and gas drilling on natural habitats
  • Reducing the threat of microplastic pollution to the environment

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