Welcome to the thirteenth* annual

Baltic Model United Nations


Mobilizing mankind to manage climate change

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Dear followers and friends!
Due to the insecurity caused by the pandemic, and also because the final exams were shifted in MV, we will definitely hold an online conference.

We will use MUN.World software that was developed and used by BERMUN.
Our own participants of BERMUN 2020 had great experiences with the possibilities the software created.

We can already announce great guest speakers. The keynote speaker, Diederik Samsom, head of cabinet of Frans Timmermans, will be broadcasted from Brussels. We will have experts from Africa and the United States speaking. The Consule General of the US in Hamburg, Darion Akins, is planning on a speech. We hope to have the support of Rostock University as well as of the KAS and the IOW.

Do not hesitate and apply for this year's conference!
Let us work together for global solutions!



Model United Nations (MUN) is a simulation of the work of the United Nations Organization
managed and carried out by students from different schools and countries.

This year's conference will be from May 6th to 9th.
The conference will be held online and the topic will be "Mobilizing mankind to manage climate change".
You can find more information about BALMUN in general here and what this year's Conference will be about in our introduction.

If you want to register for this year's conference you can do so here.
Please note that the registration fee per participant is 15€ even though is says 30€ on the registration page.

Committees and Councils

GA1 – Disarmament & international security
  • Expanding the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons of 2020 to assure global peace and security
  • Creating obligatory ethical rules for the use of autonomous weapon systems to prevent inhumane warfare
GA4 – Special political & decolonization
  • Strengthening decolonization in order to address anthropogenic climate change among indigenous peoples
  • Implementing global guidelines giving instructions on the handling of peaceful protests in order to prevent violent escalations
Security Council
  • Securing peace in the Middle East with regards to the situation of the Kurds
  • Defusing the situation in Yemen to combat the political, humanitarian and developmental crisis
Economic and Social Council
  • Rethinking trade with emission permits in order to promote the advantages of renewable energies
  • Reducing economical and social impacts of the increasing number and fortitude of natural disasters caused by climate change
Environment Assembly
  • Combating the extinction of species caused by climate change
  • Preventing loss of land due to rising sea levels and supporting affected areas
World Health Organization
  • Preventing the spread of diseases caused by climate change
  • Giving instructions to manage global pandemics more effectively in the future

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