Welcome to the thirteenth* annual

Baltic Model United Nations


Mobilizing mankind to manage climate change

Dear friends and followers, After the BALMUN conference of 2020 was unfortunately cancelled,
we are looking forward to welcome you back for next year: BALMUN 13*
We are hoping the development of the Covid 19 pandemic stays on a path that sees Germany infection-free by May.
It will be our pleasure to host the conference in person again, just as the years before.

Should this not be possible without considerable health risks, we are working on making BALMUN go digital!
We try to establish a backup plan to ensure that this conference can happen either way.

So, please consider yourself invited to BALMUN 2021! It will take place from May 6th to May 9th 2021!

Stay healthy!


Committees and Councils

GA1 – Disarmament & international security
  • Expanding the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons of 2020 to assure global peace and security
  • Creating obligatory ethical rules for the use of autonomous weapon systems to prevent inhumane warfare
GA3 – Social, humanitarian & cultural
  • Managing the massive amount of climate refugees to prevent overpopulation in certain regions
  • Improving the global health system to especially reduce emotional disorders facing major effects by prolonged COVID-19 lockdowns
GA4 – Special political & decolonization
  • Strengthening decolonization in order to address anthropogenic climate change among indigenous peoples
  • Implementing global guidelines giving instructions on the handling of peaceful protests in order to prevent violent escalations
Security Council
  • Securing peace in the Middle East with regards to the situation of the Kurds
  • Defusing the situation in Yemen to combat the political, humanitarian and developmental crisis
Economic and Social Council
  • Rethinking trade with emission permits in order to promote the advantages of renewable energies
  • Reducing economical and social impacts of the increasing number and fortitude of natural disasters caused by climate change
Environment Assembly
  • Combating the extinction of species caused by climate change
  • Preventing loss of land due to rising sea levels and supporting affected areas
World Health Organization
  • Preventing the spread of diseases caused by climate change
  • Giving instructions to manage global pandemics more effectively in the future

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