Welcome to the thirteenth annual

Baltic Model United Nations


Mobilizing mankind to manage climate change

Welcome to the 2020 Baltic Model United Nations conference. For the thirteenth year, students from all around the globe will come together to discuss and find
peaceful solutions to current political issues. The BALMUN conference is a four-day simulation of the United Nations for secondary school students.
It takes place at the Innerstädtisches Gymnasium Rostock, Germany in May 2020.

This year, it’s all about MOBILIZING MANKIND TO MANAGE CLIMATE CHANGE in order to create a better and more sustainable future for all. For the 2020 BALMUN conference, we have undertaken certain changes in order to keep up with the changing environmental and social aspects of the world we live in. As always, we seek to provide a conference suitable for both MUN beginners, as well as more experienced delegates, as we believe that a mixed skill set is the most efficient way of relaying knowledge and principles that build the core of Model United Nations.

We are looking forward to meeting you in May!

Committees and Councils

GA1 – Disarmament & international security
  • Launching a new nuclear disarmament treaty (inspired by the INF treaty 1988) to assure global peace and security
  • Creating obligatory ethical rules for computer scientists that prevent abuse of software in weaponry
GA3 – Social, humanitarian & cultural
  • Managing the massive amount of climate refugees to prevent overpopulation in certain regions
  • Preventing political manipulation and the spread of Fake News by creating international guidelines
GA4 – Special political & decolonization
  • Strengthening decolonization in order to address anthropogenic climate change among indigenous peoples
  • Promoting forestry projects in Asia, Africa and Latin America in order to meet climate change
Security Council
  • Securing peace in the Middle East with regards to the situation of the Kurds
  • Creating a new treaty to follow the nuclear deal based on resolution 2231 (2015) in order to prevent nuclear war
Economic and Social Council
  • Rethinking trade with emission permits in order to promote the advantages of renewable energies
  • Implementing global guidelines to reduce the use of plastic
Environment Assembly
  • Combating the extinction of species caused by climate change
  • Preventing loss of land due to rising sea levels and supporting affected areas

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