Welcome to BALMUN 2021

Dear participants,

After postponing last year’s conference, we feel greatly honored to welcome you once again to the thirteenth annual Baltic Model United Nations conference.

BalMUN conferences allow you to elaborate on political issues of current importance. One of the most urgent issues, which concerns our very future, will be the topic of this year's conference. BalMUN 2021 will face the matter of "Mobilizing Mankind to Manage Climate Change".

Over the past 50 years, the planet's average surface temperature has risen at the fastest rate in recorded history. Experts see the trend accelerating: with the five warmest years on record taking place since 2010. The Earth's 2016 surface temperatures have been the warmest since modern record keeping began in 1880, according to independent analyses by NASA researchers and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Climate change encompasses not only rising average temperatures but also extreme weather events like heat waves, heavy downpours, and increased flooding as well as severe droughts inducing water shortages. Additional consequences of global warming include more coastal floodings precipitated by rising sea levels, melting glaciers and early snowmelt, furthermore endangering many plant and animal species due to the disruption of habitat by e.g. wildfires and a range of other impacts. Moreover, global warming and climate change, which influence not only the environment but also our health and economy, are most likely to escalate if current trends continue.

It is our task to curb the dangerous climate change, which may require for instance very deep cuts in emissions, new, energy-efficient technologies, and the use of cleaner fuels worldwide. Questions that occur are what we will and can do to slow down global warming and how we will cope with the changes that have already been set in motion. The challenge is to find solutions that can be applied and widely adopted. International cooperation becomes essential and existential to promote prosperity while protecting the planet.

As we are facing a second major crisis that influenced us on a global level, the World Health Organization has been added to one of the BalMUN organs in 2021. The WHO has proven to be crucial in order to combat the Coronavirus.

We all, especially being young students, have a responsibility for this planet. The climate crisis and the effects of the Coronavirus directly affect our future. Participating in this year's conference means having the opportunity to interchange and collaborate on a greater future for our and younger generations.

You set an example for young people all over the world to participate in their political surroundings, make their voices heard, and make changes happen.

We are looking forward to meeting you in May!


Secretary General Deputy Secretary General
Charlotte Pohsin Fabian Elsken Sicard