Frequently Asked Questions

How can I register?
You may either apply as a single delegate or together with other interested students as a delegation. There will be an online registration available on our website. For Student Officer applicants, as well as applicants for the press team, there will be a separate application process, on which more information will be published soon.
Where does BALMUN take place?
The conference takes place at the Innerstädtisches Gymnasium in Rostock, Germany,
a beautiful city in the state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.
The recently renovated school offers an outstanding venue for BALMUN.
The BALMUN dance takes place at the Peter-Weiss-Haus. Click here for more information on the dance's vanue.
Who may participate?
You are cordially invited to participate in BALMUN if you are a secondary school student, between 14 and 20 years old, have a good knowledge of the English language and if you are generally interested in politics.
In which ways can I participate?
You can of course apply as a delegate representing one of the UN member nations or NGOs. You may either apply as a single delegate or together with other interested students as a delegation. Besides that, you can also apply as a Student Officer or a member of the press team, meaning either reporter or photographer.
What does the conference cost and what happens with the money?
How can I apply as a Student Officer?
There will be a separate application process for Student Officers, on which the Secretariat will be publishing information on the website soon. As a Student Officer applicant, you will have to fill out a form regarding your MUN experience and motivation.
How many delegates can I bring to the conference?
This is depending on the UN member nations or NGOs you have been assigned. Please refer to the list of countries when registering.
How big are the committees at the conference?
The size of committees at BALMUN varies, with the smallest committee's, the Security Council's, 15 delegates, up to about 40-50 delegates in General Assembly committees.
Will food be served at the conference?
The BALMUN Catering staff will provide a warm meal at lunch. Furthermore, there will of course be cookie breaks!
What should delegates bring to the committees?
  • Conference material (received at registration)
  • Delegate's badge (received at registration)
  • Writing material
  • Laptop or other electronic device for committee work (optional)
  • USB stick for sharing of resolutions
  • Policy statements
  • Print-outs of their resolutions (if drafted)
What is the conference language?
The official conference language is English. Committee sessions are conducted in English. Participants are advised to use the English language during conversations, as well. However, please keep in mind that for most participants, English is a second language.

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