Housing & Lodging during BALMUN


Since we appreciate your great effort of coming to BALMUN, we offer you to participate in our housing program. With a total housing fee of 10,00 € per delegate it is significantly cheaper than staying at a
youth hostel which we hope will financially disburden participants from abroad in particular.

If you are interested in living in a host family, please apply for housing during the registration process and
you will then be assigned a host family. Please note that there is only limited housing available.


If you are not participating in the housing program, there are many beautiful hotels and hostels in Rostock
in which you can stay the three nights during the conference.
We would like to recommend those five:
Jellyfish Hostel (English)
Blue Doors Hostel (English)
Youth Hostel Warnemünde (English)
Hotel Greifennest (English)
Hostel Stadtperle (German)

In case you want to stay in a hotel/hostel keep in mind to make an early booking arrangement.

Important Information

Please note that we will not be able to pay for arising travel or accommodation expenses. In case you are planning to stay at a hostel, we want to urge you to book as far in advance as possible since BALMUN will be hitting the peak of tourism season. Our Housing Coordinators will assist you in finding proper lodging.