Welcome to the twelfth annual

Baltic Model United Nations


Launching local living economies to achieve global prosperity

Welcome to the 2019 Baltic Model United Nations conference. For the twelfth year, students from all around the globe will come together to discuss and find
peaceful solutions to current political issues. The BALMUN conference is a four-day simulation of the United Nations for secondary school students.
It takes place at the Innerstädtisches Gymnasium Rostock, Germany in May 2019.

This year, it’s all about furthering global peace and achieving international prosperity through the creation of local living economies and addressing the chances and challenges connected with these goals. For the 2019 BALMUN conference, we have undertaken certain changes in order to keep up with the changing political and social aspects of the world we live in. As always, we seek to provide a conference suitable for both MUN beginners, as well as more experienced delegates, as we believe that a mixed skill set is the most efficient way of relaying knowledge and principles that build the core of Model United Nations.

We are looking forward to meeting you in May!

Committees and Councils

GA1 – Disarmament & international security
  • Establishing international cooperative arrangements and measures in order to further and strengthen political stability through lower levels of armament
  • Establishing international guidelines in order to ensure the peaceful use of outer space
GA3 – Social, humanitarian & cultural
  • Addressing the issue of net neutrality in order to preserve freedom of speech and foster social participation
  • Providing systems of humanitarian aid/help to regions of insufficient governmental control in order to reduce refugee streams
GA4 – Special political & decolonization
  • Implementing guidelines and regulations on the exploitation of natural resources of polar regions
  • Providing means such as, but not limited to vocational training, microcredits and incentives to LEDCs in Africa in order to build up independent, local economies
Security Council
  • Establishing an international framework in order to find peaceful solutions in the South Sudanese conflict
  • Defusing the Rohingya Crisis by setting up precursors for a sustainable reduction of tensions
Economic and Social Council
  • Developing alternative local economic structures and industries
  • Tackling the issue of multilateral trade challenged by increasingly unilateral trade measures
Environment Assembly
  • Implementing global guidelines on genetic modification in order to prevent its negative effects on the environment, such as, but not limited to the growing of monocultures and the loss of biodiversity
  • Establishing international standards in order to reduce consequences of urban sprawl, such as habitat fragmentation, water and air pollution and increased infrastructure costs

Latest Updates

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Be part of BALMUN-TV
Regine Koch | January 09
To celebrate the opening of BALMUN XII 2019, the BALMUN-TV team is looking forward to creating a new Opening-Video.
Check here: https://www.facebook.com/balmun.rostock/posts/2021288551281110
Registrations open
Simon Johannssen | December 18
Registrations for BALMUN 2019 are open! Schools, Student Officers and Press Members can now apply through our website.

Latest Updates

New Website
Simon Johannssen | November 27
The updated BALMUN 2019 website is up now!
PGA applications open!
Simon Johannssen | November 20
We are looking for our President of the General Assembly for next year's BALMUN! Are you an experienced MUNer, love challenges and want to be part of a great team? Then PGA it is!! Apply here! Applications will be closed December 10.
Committee issues online
Simon Johannssen | October 30
All committee issues have been published on our website. You can check them out not. Student Officers and research papers will be uploaded prior to the conference.

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