Rules of the House

Guidelines to ensure a successful conference

General Rules

  • Be on time.
  • Eating, chewing chewing-gum and drinking in the conference rooms while committees are in session are prohibited. Drinking water may be in order.
  • Mobile phones are to be switched off during conference time.
  • Products bought from the cafeteria must be consumed there.
  • Smoking as well as drinking alcohol on the school grounds is absolutely forbidden.
  • Bringing any kind of arms (including firearms, knifes etc.), fireworks, alcohol and other drugs to school or using them at school is forbidden.
  • Accidents and dangerous situations must be reported to directors or to the Conference Management.
  • Persons, who are neither affiliated with the school nor with BALMUN, need to register at the secretary’s office.

Please keep in mind that we are guests at Innerstädtisches Gymnasium Rostock. We expect that all participants treat the school’s faculty and staff as well as all the school’s material property in an according, proper manner.