Actually the best part of BALMUN

The BALMUN Dance

Every year, we celebrate a successful conference. The BALMUN Dance is a party-like dance for all participants.
It is the perfect opportunity to meet delegates across the committees and
hang out with chairs, admins and ... even directors.
The dance is an amazing chance to get to know students from all around the world
and make new friends, sometimes even for lifetime!

This year, the BALMUN dance will take place on Saturday, May 25, 8 PM at the Peter-Weiss-Haus.
Our amazing band "Soulicious" is going to play some of their songs for you,
followed by a DJ, so dance as if there were no tomorrow!
(Actually there is, Closing Ceremony on Sunday)

Please bring your conference badge and your ID!
You might not be able to get in without.


Peter-Weiss-Haus e.V.
Doberaner Straße 21
D-18057 Rostock

Do get to the venue, just drop off the tram at Doberaner Platz.

Important Information

Please note that all students under 18 need a signed permission by their parents
that allows their director to take responsibility for them.
Additionally, students under 16 are not allowed to purchase alcoholic drinks.
Attendees ages 16 to 18 will only be allowed to buy low-percentage alcohol, such as beer.